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Ko Flow
Monday 7th September, 2015 admin


ko flow

Singapore’s DJ Koflow is an artist in the true sense of the word. Having started off in the world of turntablism, he has evolved well beyond that title into one of Asia’s most respected entertainers, weather it is behind the decks at a club, rocking a crowd at countless corporate events, presenting his live show to captivated audiences, producing music or collaborating with other artists, and even giving workshops to people of all ages.

Ever the perfectionist, Koflow who is also part of Singapore’s forefather of breaking Bboy Crew ‘Radikal Forze’, singapore’s legendary Mandarin Rap rock outfit ‘Chou Pi Jiang’ and also the most forward thinking electronic music collective ‘Syndicate’, continues to challenge himself and refine his skills that turn every live performance into a true sonic experience for his audience. Armed with not only creativity, skill and flair, he also injects deep knowledge of those that came before him and forward thinking musicality into his ‘live’ sets. Never scared to push the boundaries or take a risk, Koflow has also collaborated with jazz musicians, violinists, electronic acts, rock bands, orchestra/big band and even a 70-strong Samba bateria (percussion group)!

Constantly discovering and experimenting, the only constant with Koflow is his continuous evolution and desire to push the boundaries of music.


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